Specialty Pharmacy

First Choice provides specialty medications to both physician based infusion suites and direct to patients’ homes

Why choose First Choice to be the First Choice pharmacy provider for your patients?

We only service specialty pharmacy products,┬áso we know what it takes to fill these Rx’s as quickly as possible with least the amount of work by your office staff. We also provide a suite of Specialty Pharmacy enrollment forms focused on various conditions and diseases free for use by your primary care provider

  • Simplify your work by being able to send all your infused and oral specialty pharmacy Rx’s to one place.
  • We handle getting all prior authorizations (PA’s) to remove that workload from office staff to the greatest extent possible.
  • We can service and bill both pharmacy and medical claims (Parts B & D).
  • We are in-network with most insurance companies for most plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • We will notify you within 4 business hours if we are in-network for a patient plan.
  • If we are not in-network and cannot fill an Rx, we will forward to a pharmacy that is and send notice back to your office where the Rx was sent.
  • We have full-time staff to help find and provide patient assistance for patients with high co-pays when possible, including manufacturer free drug programs.
  • We are an independent pharmacy with one point of contact, no multiple phone numbers to call or being transferred to multiple people and can get medications to your patients quickly after approvals.
  • Next day in-office or home delivery in most cases.
  • Pharmacy prescription support and therapy management to optimize outcomes and adherence.

We primarily serve the practice specialties of Oncology, Neurology, Rheumatology, and Gastroenterology for all SP medications such as:

Actemra Darzalex IVIG (all brands) Promacta Soliris
Avastin Entyvio Keytruda Remicade SteIara
Bendeka Factor Products Krystexxa Revlimid Tysabri
Benlysta Herceptin Ocrevus Rituxan Velcade
Cimzia Humira Opdivo Simponi Xeljanz